1. What is gel manicure?
A gel manicure will give you super shiny nails that will last for weeks! In a salon, it's simply done by applying a base coat, gel nail polish layers, top coat and curing this under a LED lamp. To do the perfect gel manicure, you need the right equipment.
2. What is gel nail polish?
A liquid gel polish that is applied to the natural nail and cure under LED light. Gel nail polish has better staying power (around 2 weeks) than other nail polish.
3. What are acrylic nails?
Acrylic nails are set using a combination of a liquid monomer and powder polymer, which create a rock hard layer over the natural nail.
4. What are hard gel nails?
Hard gel nails are artificial nails similar to acrylics but sent under LED light.
5. How can I thicken my nails?
If a client has thin, weak nails, determine if they are naturally so or if they have become so damage. A strengthener can also help repair the natural nails. Also, a strong nail coating like liquid and powder can protect the nail as it grows out of its damage. Your client can also incorporate this coating into their beauty regiment if their nails are naturally too thin.
6. How can I stop my nails from peeling?
Nails sometimes peel naturally and other times peel because of outside sources. Gardening and overexposure to water or cleaning products can damage nails to the point of peeling. Wearing gloves to wash dishes, clean or garden will guard the nails and limit the peeling. Nail coatings like polish and gel polish can seal the edge of the nail to protect it. Shaping nails with a smooth file will also seal edges, making the nails less likely to peel.